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El dl 13 de 07 de 2009 a les 21:23 +0200, en/na Harald Sitter va
> On Thu, Jul 9, 2009 at 4:48 PM, Arne Goetje<arne.goetje at canonical.com> wrote:
> > Hi Harald,
> >
> > I have now a better list of all Kubuntu related templates with he
> > timestamps of their last update. This could help to determine if a
> > template is still in active use or not.
> >
> > The list is here:
> > http://people.ubuntu.com/~arne/karmic-templates-kubuntu_20090709-01.log
> >
> > It seems that some templates are still in the queue, but I guess those
> > templates which haven't been updated for a longer time period are good
> > candidates for a kill if they match your list.
> >
> > Thanks a lot!
> http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kubuntu-dev-tools/kde-l10n-orphans-parser/revision/10
> All KILL can be killed, most likely. # no pot + older than 180 days
> All LIKELYKILL can be killed, likely. # no pot
> I still think I should manually iterate over the list and explain some
> stuff, like most of the plasma/krunner related stuff was actually
> moved, not removed.
> Ultimately we should only have to do this for this time round, later
> on the regular orphans parser should keep us up-to-date, so we
> probably can check the log once or twice per cycle with manual sanity
> proofing, but otherwise the orphans parser will take care of at least
> everything that resides in core KDE. Also everything except core KDE,
> koffice, kile, and I think k3b, use the more common approach of
> src+l10n=tarball anyway.
> I'll be going to visit some friends tomorrow, hopefully I'll get to
> improve the list-processor and make the output fit the actual status
> on the train ride (possibly by hooking up the list-processor with the
> orphans parser, not sure if it is worth the effort, because as stated
> above, the templates list will never grow that large again due to the
> orphans information)...
> One question though: once we have the orphans information, should we
> give you time to process it (i.e. remove, rename, move the data
> accordingly) or can we upload the kde-l10n packages right away and you
> move/approve/do your magic afterwards? KDE 4.3 made me think that it
> might be more work for you if we upload the l10n packages while there
> is still heavy moving going on (which was the case between KDE 4.3 rc1
> and now for example).
> regards,
> Harald

Hi all, 

Following our quest of getting Kubuntu translation templates in shape
and helping translators contribute back upstream, I've created a wiki
page [1] with a list of KDE templates for Karmic. I've used the data
from Arne's last list of templates to generate the table. Note: the
links on the KDE column point to a particular language code, since I
cannot point to a generic URL valid for all languages.

The main purpose is to get an overview of KDE translation templates in
Launchpad, but I thought it could be used to do the final sanity check
as well, so I added a column where I've put some notes for those
templates which might still not be quite right.

Here's the summary of what I've found out so far. I would appreciate any

= On Launchpad =

• I think the following templates could be disabled
        ∘ kde4libs/solid4
        ∘ kdeedu/keduca [2]
        ∘ kdeedu/kverbos [2]
        ∘ kdegames/kbackgammon [2]
        ∘ kdegames/kpoker [2]
        ∘ kdegames/ksirtet [2]
        ∘ kdegames/libksirtet [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kcoloredit [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kfax [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kgamma [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kiconedit [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kooka [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kpovmodeler [2]
        ∘ kdegraphics/kuickshow [2]
        ∘ kdemultimedia/kaudiocreator [2]
        ∘ kdemultimedia/kmid [2]
        ∘ kdenetwork/kfile-torrent [2]
        ∘ kdepim/kmobiletools
        ∘ kdepim/kmobiletools-at-engine
        ∘ kdepim/kode
        ∘ kdepim/korn
        ∘ kdepim/kres-featureplan [2]
        ∘ kdepim/kxforms
        ∘ kdepim/libkholidays [2]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/krunner-contacts [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/krunner-converterrunner [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/katesessions [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/krunner-spellcheckrunner [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/plasma-applet-bluemarble [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/plasma-applet-comic [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/plasma-applet-dict [3]
        ∘ kdeplasma-addons/plasma-applet-twitter [3]
        ∘ kdeutils/kregexpeditor

= Packaging? =

• The following templates might need to be added (source/template)
        ∘ kdeedu/marble_qt
        ∘ kdeedu/step_qt
        ∘ kde4libs/knotificationitem-1
        ∘ kde4libs/ktexteditor_plugins
        ∘ kde4libs/timezones4
        ∘ kde4libs/xml_mimetypes
= Other =

== Docs ==

The following source packages and corresponding templates I believe
should be disabled as well, but I'd like to double-check that

        • kdebase-runtime
        • kdebase-workspace

I cannot find their templates at
http://websvn.kde.org/tags/KDE/4.2.98/kde-l10n; only in trunk
(http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/l10n-kde4/ca/docmessages/) and not all of
them. I believe they are documentation files, but I'm not sure, since
they are stored under docmessages and there is also a docs folder in

== Desktop files ==

I could not find out where the .desktop files translations reside in
SVN, so all URL of the type
http://websvn.kde.org/tags/KDE/4.2.98/kde-l10n/ca/messages/kdelibs/desktop_kdelibs.po are currently broken in the wiki page.

== Extragear, etc ==

In the extragear section I've put everything I couldn't map to the KDE
modules. I still have to review those.


[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations/Upstream/KDE/KdeKarmicModules
[2] I could not find any translations (po files) for those at, but there
are templates at no translations, but there is a template at
[3] I could not find the source packages anywhere

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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