Thoughts on Arora

Roderick B. Greening roderick.greening at
Sun Jul 19 17:32:35 BST 2009

FUrther thoughts... arora isn't and won't be ready for prime time use this 
release - at least as a default browser. (IMO).
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> * We need to reduce the default font size on netbooks
>   + can't use patches, so what to do?
>   + settings dialog is all messed up: shows arial 16 as standard font,
> trying to change that makes the dialog show dejavu sans... if I try to
> set the size to 7 (current default for
> kubuntu-netbook-default-settings) at least gmail gets super small, so
> I went with 12 which gives a somewhat decent result
> * No icons in context menu... the context menu is considerable crowded
> (not as much as konqui's, but still), however it does not provide
> visual guidance (namely icons) to make it more understandable
> * at least on netbooks the bookmark bar should go away, since it
> wastes the rare display real estate (also... what to do since we might
> want to have the bar on desktops, so we can't patch)
> * also on netbooks, even though the bookmark bar is to be hidden, it
> would probably be good to provide default bookmarks to fancy sites
> such as youtube, facebook and twitter (also, since we probably want a
> different set of bookmarks for the desktop => unpatchable)
> * the auto-localication fails if $LANG != locale (e.g. de_AT != de_DE
> but still de_AT would fallback to de_DE if de_AT's locale is not
> available ... right now not the case), if the LANG and locale do not
> match _exactly_ the only fallback arora does is to en_US
> * homepage needs to be patched to
> * flash-installer-recommendation needs to be implemented (possibly
> like the media codec stuff?... though that would be for a browser evne
> more out of context than for a media playback application I am
> afraid)\
> * should import konqueror bookmarks in background (providing smooth
> transition) + should also import cookies for that matter, which of course
> is technically a PITA... IMHO switching the default browser in general is
> quite the PITA though :P
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