Thoughts on Arora

Harald Sitter apachelogger at
Sun Jul 19 15:45:40 BST 2009

* We need to reduce the default font size on netbooks
  + can't use patches, so what to do?
  + settings dialog is all messed up: shows arial 16 as standard font,
trying to change that makes the dialog show dejavu sans... if I try to
set the size to 7 (current default for
kubuntu-netbook-default-settings) at least gmail gets super small, so
I went with 12 which gives a somewhat decent result
* No icons in context menu... the context menu is considerable crowded
(not as much as konqui's, but still), however it does not provide
visual guidance (namely icons) to make it more understandable
* at least on netbooks the bookmark bar should go away, since it
wastes the rare display real estate (also... what to do since we might
want to have the bar on desktops, so we can't patch)
* also on netbooks, even though the bookmark bar is to be hidden, it
would probably be good to provide default bookmarks to fancy sites
such as youtube, facebook and twitter (also, since we probably want a
different set of bookmarks for the desktop => unpatchable)
* the auto-localication fails if $LANG != locale (e.g. de_AT != de_DE
but still de_AT would fallback to de_DE if de_AT's locale is not
available ... right now not the case), if the LANG and locale do not
match _exactly_ the only fallback arora does is to en_US
* homepage needs to be patched to
* flash-installer-recommendation needs to be implemented (possibly
like the media codec stuff?... though that would be for a browser evne
more out of context than for a media playback application I am
* should import konqueror bookmarks in background (providing smooth transition)
  + should also import cookies for that matter, which of course is
technically a PITA... IMHO switching the default browser in general is
quite the PITA though :P

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