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Hi Kubuntu devs,

El ds 04 de 07 de 2009 a les 14:27 +0200, en/na Harald Sitter va
> 2009/7/1 David Planella <david.planella at ubuntu.com>:
> > El dt 30 de 06 de 2009 a les 12:38 +0200, en/na Harald Sitter va
> > escriure:
> >> >
> >> > The Ubuntu Translation Coordinators are team of community members
> >> > experienced with translation and i18n which would also welcome
> >> anyone
> >> > from the Kubuntu community to help us with your experience on KDE
> >> > translations.
> >>
> >> I am quite sure you would be able to find a KDE liaison via  kde-i18n-
> >> doc at kde.org
> >
> > Before contacting upstream directly, I thought I should talk to you guys
> > first to start the wheels rolling.
> Good point, though from the replies to this thread I would assume that
> I am the only one who cares about translations at all :P

Here my suggestion would be for any Kubuntu developer or user interested
in translations to join the ubuntu-translators list [1]. We've got some
Ubuntu developers there and I think it's a good way to ensure there's no

And we're nice people :).

I'm subscribed to both lists, and I could take care of forwarding any
thread related to Kubuntu translations to this list, but I think it is
better if, as I say, those interested in Kubuntu translations join us as

> If you want I can poke around to find someone who is willing to become liaison.
> > El dl 29 de 06 de 2009 a les 16:02 +0200, en/na David Planella va
> > escriure:
> >> In order to give time to everyone involved in organising this, I
> >> propose
> >> a tentative date in a month's time:
> >>
> >> * WHAT: Kubuntu Translations Day
> >> * WHERE: #kubuntu-devel on Freenode
> >> * WHEN: Wed 29th July 2009
> >>
> >> Thoughts, suggestions, ideas, etc. will be very welcome.
> >
> > Any thoughts on this date? Does it clash with any other Kubuntu event?
> > Otherwise I'll just stick to it and add it to the Fridge calendar.
> >
> > Also any other suggestions for the Kubuntu Translations Day will be very
> > welcome. As an example, I've thought we could assist translators
> > importing upstream translations which did not make it into Jaunty due to
> > the KDE and Kubuntu releases not being in sync.
> Should be coordinated with KDE l10n I suppose, I'll get in touch with
> them. The Date should be just fine AFAIK (if KDE l10n agrees). I think
> we should help with both, import from KDE to Jaunty and export from
> Rosetta to KDE, the latter should help getting rid of the upstream
> impression that we don't do anything to improve cooperation.
> I'll report back when I know more.

Right, since at least Albert from KDE has said he could be there in the
evening, let's pick that date. As a reminder:

      * WHAT: Kubuntu Translations Day
      * WHERE: #kubuntu-devel on Freenode
      * WHEN: Wed 29th July 2009

I've also talked to Harald and ScottK and I've added the translations
tasks to the Kubuntu Karmic ToDo list [2].

Now I'd like to ask you guys if you could help me with understanding the
import workflow of Kubuntu translations into Launchpad and seeing where
we have problems and where there is room for improvement. I've written a
brief summary:

(Note: these workflows only apply to those packages in the 'main' and
'restricted' repositories. Packages in 'universe' and 'multiverse' ship
verbatim upstream translations, which are not imported into Launchpad.)

== Import workflow for GNOME and non-core KDE applications (e.g. Amarok,
extragear apps) ==

      * Upstream:
              * The upstream sources are gettextized (or qt'ized) and
                contain translations (PO files).
      * Packaging:
              * Those sources are packaged and the .deb package creates
                a .POT template upon build (the name of the template is
                extracted from Makefile.am)
      * Build:
              * When a new POT file with PO translations is provided by
                a binary package build, 
      * Import:
              * They are put into an import queue. Once they are
                approved for import (either automatically or manually)
                they go to Launchpad Translations

== Import workflow for KDE core ==

      * Upstream:
              * The upstream sources are gettextized (actually, qt'ized)
                but do not contain translations (PO files).
              * All translations (PO files) are shipped in a separate
                tarball for each language (kde-l10n-xx)
      * Packaging:
              * Those sources are packaged as .deb packages:
              * The applications' sources are packaged
              * The kde-l10n-xx sources, containing exclusively
                translations, are packaged
      * Build:
              * The applications' binary packages generate POT files on
                build (the names of the POT files are extracted from a
                Messages.sh file in the sources.)
              * The kde-l10n-xx binary packages, do _not_ generate POT
                files on build
      * Import:
              * The application's POT files are put in the import queue
                upon upload of the application package to the archive
              * The PO files are put in the import queue upon upload of
                the kde-l10n-xx package to the archive

The main difference between GNOME/extragear/other and KDE4 core (as far
as the import into Launchpad goes) is that the first ones generally have
a single template (domain) per source package, whereas the latter have
got many templates (domains) per source packages.

As mentioned before, we've got no infrastructure in place to detect big
renames/movements across source packages in templates - other than
manual inspection in the import queue. Manual inspection works well in
changes for a small number of packages and if they only contain a
template (you can quickly act on them).

I think for now a great improvement will be to use Harald's solution
before each release and make a comparison with the previous release's

== Questions ==

      * Is this workflow correct, as far as KDE core goes?
      * Have I missed any details?
      * Can the KDE packages always generate a .pot template (i.e. is
        Messages.sh always provided upstream?) or is there manual work
      * I caught batl10n in an IRC conversation, but it was too late for
        me to ask. Could you give me an overview of what that is?
      * I've also read about Transcript [3] (I know, the page is not
        very readable due to a wiki error, I've filed a bug [4] for
        that). Is that handled in any way in the language packs (i.e.
        the accompanying .js scripts a translator can add to
      * Do you have any other special requirements/issues with Kubuntu
        translations before they are imported into Launchpad?



[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-translators
[2] https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo
[4] https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=198818

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator

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