first desktop kubuntu

schutz istdasklar at
Mon Feb 2 15:46:21 GMT 2009


I posted a wish here:  http://www.kde-

I don't like the desktop in the first launch of kubuntu , it's not attractive ! 
Why ? :
- No welcome messages.... => need a plasmoid welcome ( a simple picture 
- All is blue... exept the note plasmoid... yellow...  
- Folder view and note plasmoid takes a lot of place!! Folder view is useless 
for 2 icons!
- The wallpaper need to be a Kubuntu wallpaper! Nowhere is writted " kubuntu"
- Need standard application icon in  Panel! ( Firefox, dolphin, konqueror, 
kmail, kopete). 

Maybe , my wish is ridiculous, but I have tested with some friends, wich 
desktop is more attractive between ubuntu first desktop and kubuntu first 
desktop... Then ubuntu win.. ! 

Thanks for your listening!

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