netbook newspaper then what?

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Mon Aug 17 07:28:28 BST 2009

1 lack of a task list
2 too many widgets on the screen

2009/8/17 Roderick B. Greening <roderick.greening at>:
> The news feed should auto fetch some KDE RSS news feeds. Works here just fine,
> if you are connected and not behind some proxy/firewall which is preventing the
> RSS from being fetched.
> The one on the right is for weather. YOu should see a "configure" button to
> enter your city/state and where to fetch the weather stats from.
> Further to the right of this, you should see a scroll bar. This allows you to
> scrool down the screen and bring the calendar fully into view, along with a
> comic strip applet (also with a configure button).
> Cheers,
> Rod.
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>> Ok got my netbook finally working running Kubuntu Netbook edition.  The
>> "Newspaper" launchers and then what?  I have a calander at the very bottom
>> of my screen where all I can see are the month and the days of the week.  I
>> have a blank window that tries to fetch some feeds but never returns
>> anything (yes I'm connected to the internet), the sticky-notes plasmoid and
>> another large blank plasmoid.
>> Can someone shed some light on where i should start?
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