plasma-widget-network-manager snapshot up for testing (was: networkmanager plasmoid SRU)

Antonio Augusto (Mancha) mkhaos7 at
Tue Apr 28 12:28:14 BST 2009

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 07:04, Andreas Wenning <subscriptions at> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> On Monday 27 April 2009 20:09:29 Harald Sitter wrote:
>> Hola!
>> Almighty sebas just suggested that we might push a more recent SVN snapshot
>> of the nm plasmoid to jaunty-updates (seeing as it is a main package and
>> horribly broken, but SVN ought to be in better shape...). Which IMHO is a
>> very good idea, though we should apply a longer testing phase and do a more
>> public call for testing in order to ensure that there are close to no
>> regressions.
>> Note that this also helps upstream mature the product, while the users get
>> a more usable version right away. So, everyone wins, as long as we keep a
>> tight QA on the SRU at least.
>> Opinions? Volunteers?
> I think that it is indeed worth a try; though some proper testing is needed!
> Luckily it looks like there is a good interest in testing a recent svn
> snapshot :)
> I have uploaded a new svn snapshot to the kubuntu-experimental PPA:
> Note: This PPA indeed contains very experimental stuff at times; so you might
> want to hand-download the .deb and install it.
> Please test version 0.0+svn959985-0ubuntu1~ppa2 and give us some feedback. We
> of course want to know if it solves anything for you; and more importantly we
> want to know if you find any regressions compared to the current version in
> jaunty.
> Please send a report back to this list. You're of course also welcome to ping
> me on IRC (a|wen on #kubuntu-devel) with comments.

Didn't download it yet, but the .deb can be installed on an official
release? I mean, doesn't it depends on any other thing on the PPA


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