Call for localization testing

Andreas Wenning subscriptions at
Fri Apr 3 14:20:11 BST 2009

Hey apachelogger!

The proposed startkde didn't work in the case where $LANG was actually set.

Furthermore; regarding getting it to work the first time the user logs in. The 
trick is to move the change of kdeglobals up in startkde, and add the Country 
value to the values handled by kstartupconfig.

I've committed an updated patch with both things fixed to bzr, and uploaded a 
new version to kubuntu-experimental; please test!

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On Thursday 02 April 2009 20:38:49 Harald Sitter wrote:
> Hoy!
> Today I pushed a fix for [1] to bzr and uploaded a test package to kubuntu-
> experimental (for jaunty that is).
> Everyone (that includes those that use english or anything else :P) please
> give it a try. Since the patch fiddles with kdeglobals, we really do not
> want to have a bug in there.
> It takes the LANG environment variable (or extracts them from appropriate
> files if not set), then runs a regexp on it to determine the country of
> your language.
> de_AT => at
> en_CA => ca
> ...
> It will then write those values to kdeglobals in order to get settings
> fitting your country (currency, day format, time format, ...).
> In addition to that it should handle the following cases properly:
> no LANG is set, or the regexp check is returning an empty string (which
> would for example be the case with LANG=C).
> Should I have missed a case where the change applies invalid data, or if
> the country value doesn't get set at all (you can check that through the
> regional KCM in systemsettings) please report.
> [1]
> workspace/+bug/224461
> Technical enlightenment: the code portion is part of startkde, so it is
> technically possible that the changes only get applied at 2nd login. I am
> not sure about that, since I didn't have time to test it through, but if
> this is the case I would very much appreciate help on how to get KDE update
> the memory stored settings in case kdeglobals has been updated.
> Thanks a lot!

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