Kubuntu (2008-09-11) and Marketing (2008-09-13) meeting minutes

Harald Sitter apachelogger at ubuntu.com
Sat Sep 13 17:35:13 BST 2008

Kubuntu Meeting:

(Almost) Kubuntu Marketing:
Kubuntu Slogan
* Community competition about new Slogan

* Announced on
  * Planet/Blogs
  * Mailing lists
  * Forums (ubuntu-forums, kde-forums)
  * kubuntu.org

* Resulg aggregation in
  * Google Docs
  * Kexi (does that actually support online forms)
  *... can't use wiki.ubuntu.com because login is broken with Konqueror

* Appoint jury at next Kubuntu Meeting (or just use Kubuntu Council?)

* Prize for winner
  * T-Shirt with Slogan
    * Contact Canonical whether to include it in the mergandise shop
    * Alternately some cool place in Quebec (11$/shirt)
  * Fallback are stickers (which aren't as cool)

* Discuss at next Kubuntu Meeting
  * Which one is the offical?
  * Can we actually decided which one is hte offical?
  * Does the official have to be the one we use?
* Ask Oxygen team whether they can oxygenify the logo

* Currently no branding in Intrepid (beside upsplash)
* Should we change the application launcher icon (KMenu)?
  * Advantage: 2-way branding is confusing
  * Disadvantage: KDE deserves branding
  * To be discussed at next Kubuntu Meeting

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