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Peter Antoniac theSeinfeld at
Thu Oct 2 09:48:03 BST 2008

On Wednesday 01 October 2008 17:32:58 Harald Sitter wrote:
> On Wednesday 01 October 2008 14:15:16 Peter Antoniac wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I noticed that Frederik said (on kde-core-dev ML) that kdelibs license
> > policy is to be LGPL. Still, looking at most of the debian packages
> > containing kdelibs copyright notes I read:
> >
> > "Unless something else is mentioned, the code files in this package are
> > under GPL"

> I would suggest reading the complete document. There is a list with
> copyright holders and licenses underneath the short licenses, which for
> kde4libs is almost exclusively LGPLv2

Hmm, yes. But don't you find a contradiction between the statement of the kde-
core-dev about kdelibs to be LGPL and the statement in the kdelibs-packages to 
be GPL? Shouldn't it be stated there that unless something else, here we have 
LGPL  as this is the license policy for kdelibs?

I am not good at licenses... I just happen to get bogged into this, that I see 
as a contradictory statement...

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