Fwd: Please consider patching upstream bug 172182 in kdelibs5

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Nov 7 02:09:28 GMT 2008

FYI.  Looks like something we should consider including.

Scott K

From: Brendon Higgins <blhiggins at gmail.com>
To: debian-qt-kde at lists.debian.org
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2008 11:38:35 +1000
Subj: Please consider patching upstream bug 172182 in kdelibs5

>I'd like to ask (nicely, of course) that the maintainers of KDE 4.1 in 
>experimental apply the patch to fix a versioning issue in the http cache 
>cleaner. It affects KDE since at least 4.1.2, and somehow missed out on 
>fixed in 4.1.3. The upstream bug report is here: 
>The problem is a version mismatch between the http cache creator and the 
>version the cache cleaner expects, resulting in the cache cleaner removing 
>*all* files, and thus making all http caching completely worthless (and, I 
>suspect, also causing weird browsing hiccups when files sometimes 
>(due to cleaning) *while* they are being downloaded).
>The fix is simply to bump the version that the cache cleaner expects.
>I was patiently waiting for this fix to come through in 4.1.3, but now 
>version is tagged I see it was neglected somehow. So I ask you.
>Keep up the good work.

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