strange titlebar behaviour when switching desktops

Job Noorman jobnoorman at
Wed May 28 18:42:31 BST 2008


I tried to send this message yesterday but apparently the attachment
was to big for this list. The screenshot I talk about can be found at

When I switch from one desktop to another, it takes one or two seconds
for the titlebar (wel not only the titlebar but everything KWin has to
draw I think) to show up. I attached a screenshot of the moment just
after switching; you can clearly see the problem with Qalculate. Also
note that the titlebar for Konqueror in the background seems ok but in
fact the visible titlebar is the one from Kontact that is opened on
the other desktop.
I would like to file a bug for this but I'm not sure against which
package. Maybe KWin or maybe the kernel (read somewhere there are some
scheduler problems with the Hardy kernel)? Is there anybody that has
an idea what this could be?


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