I would just like to say...

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Wow. Thanks for posting this.


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> FYI.  I think this to all of you.
> Scott K
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> Subject: I would just like to say...
> Date: Sunday 11 May 2008 00:38
> From: Robert Azinger <roboghast at yahoo.com>
> To: ubuntu-devel-discuss at lists.ubuntu.com
> This post is for all of you out there
> who have developed or contributed to Linux/Ubuntu projects and all of the
>  open source coders who read this.I do not know where to send a post like
>  this so I hope this one email will find its way in the sea of posts out
>  there.
> I thank you to the point of tears.
> Earlier this week I installed Kubuntu
> on a refurbished AMD computer I purchased for $184 from a discount
> online vendor, it came with no OS. It now runs like a champ.
> We cant afford much and this was my 14
> year old daughter's birthday present this past week. She is
> overjoyed. And she is already trying to tackle Adept Manager and
> exploring Linux; adding bling and her music, of course.
> I cant tell you how much I appreciate
> the work you all have done. Its a work of art. If I could thank each and
>  every one of you I would.
> You have given her the world to learn and explore.
> So if you get frustrated or tired in
> your work for Open Source/Free Software, just remember that somewhere in
>  Missouri there is a 14 year-old girl named Hope, an A-student who runs on
>  the track team, who is now your biggest fan and one of the newest users
> of
> Linux/Ubuntu.
> Thanks most sincerely,
> R.B.A.
> Missouri
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> roboghast at yahoo.com
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