Reviewing old specs

Yuriy Kozlov yuriy-kozlov at
Mon May 5 00:06:13 BST 2008

Hi all,

I looked through many of the specs filed for Kubuntu[1][2] to try to
find useful things for Intrepid.  There are a lot of open specs that
are either clearly not going to be done or already are done.  There
are a couple that I think would be good to review for Intrepid.  There
are also some that were probably deferred and need a status update.
Basically, there's some cleaning up to do, and then there'll be a few
specs left that may deserve a look at UDS.

Warning: long list ahead with lots of links.
In pretty much the order they showed up in search results:
"Checking LTSP works with KDE"
What is the status of this?  Will this require testing for Intrepid/KDE4?
What is the status of this?  Did any of the tools get implemented?
This should probably be revisited at UDS to see what still needs to be
Related specs for an on-screen keyboard for Kubuntu.  What is the
status of this?
This is done, right?
Kickoff is default in KDE4, so this is done in Intrepid.
This is obsoleted by AIGLX and needs to be closed.
Was there any progress on this?  Probably needs to be included in
whatever the Adept spec will be for Intrepid.
"Make katapult launcher cool"
I don't really understand what this was about but katapult is cool so
I think this is done ;)
KDE4 in hardy.  Done.
Duplicate specs.  It would be nice to include a couple games by
default if space can be found on the CD.
This is a bug and the spec should be closed.
This would be good.  Jucato did a write up on this, would be useful.
Maybe something already exists for this for KDE4?
Basket by default would be nice, but I don't think it's ported to KDE4.
Don't know what this one's talking about.
Should review what applications get included by default for Intrepid,
but this isn't much of a spec and should probably be closed.
The behavior of the kubuntu-desktop package is correct as it is, so
this spec won't be implemented and should be closed.  It does however
mention a possible bug in gtk-qt-engine, which should be filed
What is this?  Is it like the restricted manager?  So done then?
Is this now artemis_fowl's grub editor project?  Should probably be
targetted for Intrepid then.
I think this was done in abattoir's SoC.
Sounds useful.  Has there been any progress on this?  Maybe allow the
partition manager used in ubiquity to be run as a standalone app on
the LiveCD?
This is done in KDE4 according to the upstream bug report.
Since there are no plans to include kxgenerator, this should be closed.
What is the status of this?  Sounds useful.  Especially would be nice
if KDM could launch it if there is not enough space to log in.
What is the status of this?  Sounds nice as well.
This is all either done or obsolete.
I'm not sure what this is talking about, but was there any progress on this?
I think most of this wasn't done for gutsy.  Need a new guidance spec
for Intrepid though, so this is obsolete.
I think this one is done, but there's probably new catching up to do.
This is done, but some of the changes may need porting to KDE4.
Needs to be revisted for Intrepid/KDE4.
Needs to be revisted for Intrepid based on the release plan for Koffice 2.
What is the status of this?  Would be nice.
What is the status of this?
Need a new Adept spec for Intrepid.
Done and needs to be closed.
Sounds good.  Is there a sound recorder program for KDE4?
This is a bug and the spec needs to be closed.
This is a bug.  Might be fixed?  The spec needs to be closed.
I think this was done a while ago when gtk-qt-engine was included.
Not really a spec, but anyways, done?

Ahem.  Need to be closed:

Thanks for reading.  Whoever has the privileges, please at least close
the obvious ones.

~ Yuriy


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