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Sun Mar 16 07:29:42 GMT 2008

Hi Al. :)

Take a look at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/HelpingKubuntu

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008 07:02:40 +0300, Al Twohill <moebiusproject at gmail.com>  
> Hi everyone,
> I'd like to take the time to intro myself on this list. Here goes:
> I'm an IT consultant in Christchurch, NZ. I completed my BIT a couple
> of years back, and worked on my own as a contractor for a while. Now
> I've been employed by one of the guys I contracted to, so I have spare
> time outside 9-5 for once! (People who work for themselves will know
> what I'm on about..)
> I've tried Linux on and off with several distros since the days of Red
> Hat 4, but I always ended up going back to Windows because I'd get
> horribly stuck somewhere along the line. Thats until I found Kubuntu -
> I've been using it since the start of last year, and have never looked
> back! I still multi-boot to XP and Vista, but only really for our
> clients work or to play games. I've built up a fairly reasonable
> knowledge about *buntu and Linux in general and lately I've been
> posting up things I've found really useful on my personal website,
> hol.net.nz.
> I'm mainly a programmer, having done lots of Java and C# throughout my
> degree. Currently I'm doing a lot of work with PHP5 (OO style), and
> I've been going through Eckel's Thinking in C++. I'm really keen on
> getting some decent experience with C++ apps and figure helping the
> distro I use the most is a fairly sensible way to do so. If anyone
> would like to point out projects that aren't too complicated but need
> some TLC that would be great.
> Aside from programming I have fairly good writing skills (well, I
> think so anyway!! :), so if a program or feature urgently needs some
> doco I might be able to help out there as well.
> Looking forward to hearing from you guys,
> Al

Constantin "Dinosaur" Makshin

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