test of kde4 live cd

Yuriy Kozlov yuriy-kozlov at kubuntu.org
Sat Mar 1 21:44:14 GMT 2008


I tested the KDE4 live cd 20080227.2 and found the following issues:

- Couldn't boot (found workaround):

- No background behind KDE4 splash screen

- Fonts look terrible, no anti-aliasing.

- Install icon on the desktop has Ubuntu logo instead of Kubuntu

- About Kubuntu icon on desktop has no icon.  Clicking it opens
khelpcenter, saying "there is no documentation available for
/kubuntu/about-kubuntu".  Nothing shows up in contents.  Going to
glosary opens up a page that says "kde glossary" and nothing else and
has some missing images.  Clicking on any of the categories in
glossary doesn't do anything.

- No knetworkmanager or restricted drivers manager on boot

- Konsole/KDE3 is installed (why?)

- Firefox 2 is installed for some reason.  I thought Firefox 3 is
default on hardy, but why is firefox installed at all?

- No image editing, spreadsheet, presentation, or digikam installed.

- 6 KDE3 settings modules in lost+found.  Why are these installed?

- Kickoff > Applications > Personal Files opens konqueror instead of dolphin

- Going to the leave tab in kickoff and clicking logout, shutdown, or
restart opens up the logout dialog that again gives you the same

- Clicking on Switch User in kickoff brings up krunner

- Zooming in plasma is not ready for use yet, as mentioned by seele
and aseigo, so the button for it should be removed for hardy

- Add/Remove Programs is listed as "Add/Remove Programs/KDE3".  Other
KDE3 apps have the suffix in the description.  Having it in the title
there is a little confusing.

- Ubiquity is a KDE3 app?

- No example content

It's currently installing.  My issue from alpha 4 with manual
partitioning and an old /home seems to be fixed.

~ Yuriy

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