Looking for some action.

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at kubuntu.org
Sat Mar 1 17:21:10 GMT 2008

On Saturday 01 March 2008, sfs at enhance-it.dk wrote:
| Hi Rick,
| There's alot of american people online during the nights at 23:00 (I'm in
| GMT+1).

OK, I was going to ask you to define a lot at first, but I started writing and 
it went from 3 to 6 and kept going, so there are a few of us in there, anyways.

Since you are PST, at Midnight your time, everyone from the UTC zone start 
popping in as well, which is 02:00 for me here in Chicago, and it usually about 
the time I consider going to sleep :)  If you hop in the channel, just say 
hello, introduce yourself, and get to work, err I mean have some fun :)

Richard A. Johnson
nixternal at kubuntu.org
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