Jockey PyKDE4 port

Jonathan echidnaman at
Sun Jul 6 01:57:29 BST 2008

Hello everyone, Jonathan Thomas here (JontheEchidna on irc),

Recently (today) I've started improving the jockey-kde branch of jockey, 
fixing a bug with the PyKDE-style icon loading. The port has started, so 
I'm going to change the status of the port at to WIP and assign it to me + 
"others?" since I don't know who else is working on it at the moment. 
This was actually the main reason for this message. If this is wrong, 
please revert/let me know.

Here's what has been done in the jockey-kde branch by various people:
- The change from QApplication() to KAppliation()/KCmdLineArgs()
- Icon loading now follows the KIcon method of loading icons except when 
falling back to using the icons in the data/icons directory. (Since 
KIcon doesn't do absolute/relative paths, but rather icon names.)

I have noticed that currently the systray icon never shows up. I have no 
clue why either.

Ok, so that's it for my assessment/status report. If this contains 
inaccuracies, somebody with more knowledge should beat me silly. :P

P.S. Oh, and I've noticed that on the branch page that some people's 
commit logs have their names as links to their launchpad pages. My name 
shows up as my local username @ my computer name. Any way I could change 

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