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Mon Feb 4 17:55:45 GMT 2008

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On Mon, 04 Feb 2008 20:27:57 +0300, Arpan Patelia <arpanfoross at>  
> Hello all,
> I'm Arpan from India and want to start with KDE/Kubuntu development.
> I've played little with Qt3 and Qt4 in past but did not develop anything
> using it. I was learning by that time so I am aware of most of the
> features provided by Qt4 and believe that I can learn new features
> quickly.  I tried to build KDE4 from source in early Decemeber last year
> but could not so was waiting for KDE 4.0 release. Now it has released
> and I'm using it on my kubuntu gutsy desktop through KDE4 packages that
> you all have worked hard to get them ready, many thanks for that.
> I have a question that how can I go on now and start with KDE/Kubuntu
> development? I need guidance to work on this. I know c/c++/c# and
> comfortable with them. I am ready to read documentation and play with
> example codes but I really need to know the path to be followed and
> where to start from.
> I am eagerly waiting for a guiding reply.
> Thank you all.
> Arp at n

Constantin "Dinosaur" Makshin

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