bug triaging on hardy?

Sven Boden svenboden at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 2 11:11:02 GMT 2008

Don't know whether this is the right list for this, if it's not please redirect me ;)

Is there a proper way to give some bug reports a higher visibility? I've been testing hardy alpha2 and 3, I found/verified some bugs which I would consider "high" (not crashing the system, but 99% of the people will be affected by them). The bugs are in launchpad, but I don't see any triaging or so happening.

Is there somewhere a roadmap or so of high to critical bugs that needs fixing before final release, and how do I get a few of "mine" on there?

Except for the daily live cd of 31 january 2008, I'm very impressed with the stability of hardy.


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