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Sven Boden svenboden at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:20:09 BST 2008

Is there a best way (or documented way) to test alpha builds without changing the current system (one of the hardy alpha's trashed my computer last time, so I want to avoid that for now).

I tried the latest virtualbox from Sun on hardy to run intrepid but that kinds of blows up with a stacktrace right after pressing the install option on the live cd of intrepid. I also tried vmware but that also doesn't work

So is there a documented way to test an alpha-build without installing it as host os?


P.S. I just find on http://bagside.com/bagvapp/index.html the following, so maybe I have to retry vmware:

"Early Ubuntu 8.10 with GNOME 2.23.3 Desktop and kernel
2.6.26-4-generic. This one has been modified by disabling and
blacklisting the snd_pcsp module as otherwise the Ubuntu alphas so far
don't even start from the login-screen in VMware. Otherwise this
appliance is pretty close to the original however the linux-headers has
been reinstalled as VMwareTools refused to build/compile on the
original setup. VMwareTools e.x.p-99530 has been installed (they are
from workstation 6.5 beta), other versions had issues during install.
There is a bug /amongst others) in Ubuntu 8.10 alpha which causes a
Logout to GDM when you try to Shutdown or Reboot from the Gnome
Desktop. .... snip snip ..."

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