Tested Alternate amb64 20080415 iso with HDD encrption - possible problem?

Divan Santana divan.santana at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 07:33:48 BST 2008

Hello All,

I downloaded and tested the Alternate(kde3) amb64 20080415 daily build iso.

I really wanted the HDD encryption so I selected that option and installed.

It took sometime. My only problem was:

When it prompted me for my encryption password I typed it in(&confirmed it) 
and after installation I'm pretty sure the password didn't work anymore.
I tried everything with no luck. I had to re-install it again this time with 
no USB keyboard plugged in and it worked.

My thinking of why it didn't work is:
When I installed the first time I typed in the encryption password with my USB 
keyboard during installation and after reboot I also used the USB keyboard.
The second installation I only used my laptop keyboard for both and it worked.

Perhaps I just typed password wrong(don't think so) BUT why I am mentioning it 
is because with Windows PCs and SafeGuard easy(encryption software) we have 
the same problem. It specifically tells us to make sure you don't have a USB 
keyboard(not sure about ps/2) plugged in when setting the password.

I'll try setup another laptop soon and test this.
Anyone else able to comment on this? 

Other than that the installation worked absolutely lovely. Everything works 
great out of the box and I'm loving the new look and new hardy heron. 
Also very happy about the new encryption our of the box think its a super add 
on from the corporate and security point of view! 

Well done to everyone :)
Divan Santana

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