How about a user-driven (KDE-) preferences package repository?

Richard A. Johnson nixternal at
Tue Oct 23 14:06:48 BST 2007

On Tuesday 23 October 2007, Kenneth Wimer wrote:
| Hi,
| While I understand the idea and your desire for such I think that really
| groking any information out of this is pretty much impossible as it would
| not reflect the wishes and needs of our target audience. No matter how much
| work you put into it, uploading such information would still be something
| for people who are more technically based (that is a nice way to say geeks
| :p) not to mention that it would not reflect the needs of people who are
| new to kubuntu.

I agree with Ken on this one, however... This could be something useful for 
KDE Look ( possibly. They used to have a screenshots 
section, and I am sure they still do. Have a place where users could share 
settings. Or maybe even

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