Dolphin improvements

Juan Carlos Torres carlosdgtorres at
Mon Oct 22 11:26:00 BST 2007

On Monday 22 October 2007 5:42:08 pm Sergey Rudchenko wrote:
> I have upgraded to gutsy and have some ideas on subj. Please help me to
> make decision. Could I send patches on this (KDE3/Qt3) dolphin, or it is
> better to take a look on KDE4/Qt4 dolphin?

The version of Dolphin that Gutsy uses is actually D3lphin [1], not the real 
Dolphin in KDE 4. Dolphin on KDE 3 is practically dead. All development on 
Dolphin happens in KDE 4. That was it was forked and renamed D3lphin. Now you 
have to choices. You can either work on D3lphin or Dolphin in KDE 4. If you 
choose to work on D3lphin, you can send patches both to the D3lphin 
maintainer and to Kubuntu.

Good luck!



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