Please provide a 32-bit gtk-qt-engine.

Nolan Check nolancheck at
Mon Oct 15 04:11:37 BST 2007

As an x86-64 user, I always look for 64-bit versions of programs. But
sometimes it's not possible. Some non-open-source programs are only
available for 32-bit x86, such as Flash Player, Google Earth, and Real
Player. When I'm forced to use one of these, the interface becomes really
ugly if it uses GTK. I think I know why: there's no 32-bit library for the
default GTK theme engine, gtk-qt-engine! I see messages like this if I
start Real Player from the console:

(realplay.bin:7649): Gtk-WARNING
**: /usr/lib/gtk-2.0/2.10.0/engines/ wrong ELF class:

So, hopefully all I need is a 32-bit version of gtk-qt-engine and it'll
work. If I download the i386 version of the .deb package, can I just
install it? There are probably other dependencies as well.

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