Hardware giveaway Part 3

Stefan Skotte sfs at enhance-it.dk
Thu Oct 11 10:27:22 BST 2007

Jos Poortvliet wrote:
> On 10/11/07, Stefan Skotte <sfs at enhance-it.dk> wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I've once again been looking through my stash of hardware, and found
>> something that I would like to donate to anyone in need
>> (development/testing/qa etc.):
>> * VIA EPIA EX-15000G (1.5Ghz)
>> * 1 GB Crucial DDR Memory
>> * 100 GB 2.5" harddrive
>> * Morex 2688 Case with 62W PSU (euro outlet, but easily exchangeable)
>> It's not a speed devil, but runs kubuntu very nicely.
>> Write a small note to me, why you would want this little machine and we
>> can discuss the details.
>> Its not my intention to flood this mailinglist with offtopic stuff, but
>> the hardware is just gathering dust here, and it might aswell do some good.
>> Kind regards,
>> Stefan Skotte
> Lovely small case (according to google). Wouldn't this be useful for a
> boothbox, for roadshows? I know we (KDE promo team) could use it ;-)

That might be a good fit.

Actually I found that I have a Panasonic UJ-846-B Slot-in DVD-RW to go 
with it aswell. That would make it easy to install/prepare new stuff on it.

I will prepare the box (read: assemble it), and ship it your way asap.

Can you email me the address I should ship it to ?


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