Please, oh come on, lemme in

Terence Simpson stdin at
Thu Nov 22 00:22:41 GMT 2007

Richard A. Johnson wrote:
> Umm, I thought you were already a member!?!? :)  I get used to everyone in the 
> channel, and after being there for so long, I just assume you are a member :)
> We should hopefully be having a meeting within the next couple of weeks!
> I think if anyone has a problem with an RC 1 package, then you are out :p
It's probably too late then, few people having problems. But non are
*my* fault ;)
Hobbsee (and others) suggested I just apply my email rather than waiting
for the meeting in a couple weeks, but I'm not in a huge hurry so if you
want to discuss my application then or now, both are fine.


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