Kaffeine codecs autoinstallation

Sergey Rudchenko sergey.rudchenko at gmail.com
Mon Nov 26 11:19:51 GMT 2007

Hello, all.

Sorry for long time I was silent. Now I would like to share the subj 
with you.
To test this issue you should apply the patch from attached tarball and 
copy directory
tree to your root filesystem. Rebuild the kaffeine and install it 
(importrant: just running
kaffeine built will not work).

Note: the script I provided installs libxine1-ffmpeg. When I will know 
how to download and install
libdvdcss correctly, I add this to script (or do it yourself ;) ).

Now you should # apt-get remove libxine1-ffmpeg and try to open any 
videofile encoded

Things left to do:
1) downloading of libdvdcss
2) localization of the script (maybe we should rewrite it on python e.g.)

Best regards,

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