Problem with kdepim-enterprise in kubuntu 7.10

Alessio Cecchi alessio at
Mon Nov 5 15:43:39 GMT 2007


i'm using kolab groupware server for my company with kdepim-suite on all PC. 
After the upgrade to kubuntu 7.10, from 7.04 i have experienced many 
problems, in particulare kontact purge all my e-mail whenever i update my 
IMPA subscriptions.

Please read my bug reports:

and the tread on kolab-ml:

Now i success build a new version of kdepim-enterprise starting from 
kdepim-enterprise release relased by kolab-konsortium:

The packages is for etch but success compile on kununtu 7.10:

I have one problem, the packages verion number is lowset than kubuntu. So 
kubuntu want reinstall its version of kdepim suite.

I tried to change version number with:

dch --newversion 4:3.5.7enterprise20071101-0ubuntu4 New version by Alessio 

but after this change the compile process fail:

dh_installudev -pkdepim
dh_install -pkdepim --sourcedir=/home/alessice/src/kolab/kdepim-3.5.7enterprise20071101/debian/tmp/
dh_link -pkdepim
if test -x /usr/bin/dh_icons; then dh_icons -pkdepim ; fi
if test -x /usr/bin/dh_desktop; then dh_desktop -pkdepim ; fi
if test -e debian/kdepim.lintian; then \
                install -p -D -m644 debian/kdepim.lintian \
                        debian/kdepim/usr/share/lintian/overrides/kdepim; \
if test -e debian/kdepim.presubj; then \
                install -p -D -m644 debian/kdepim.presubj \
                        debian/kdepim/usr/share/bug/kdepim/presubj; \
dh_installdocs -pkdepim-doc
dh_installexamples -pkdepim-doc
dh_installman -pkdepim-doc
dh_installinfo -pkdepim-doc
dh_installmenu -pkdepim-doc
dh_installcron -pkdepim-doc
dh_installinit -pkdepim-doc
dh_installdebconf -pkdepim-doc
dh_installemacsen -pkdepim-doc
dh_installcatalogs -pkdepim-doc
dh_installpam -pkdepim-doc
dh_installlogrotate -pkdepim-doc
dh_installlogcheck -pkdepim-doc
dh_installmime -pkdepim-doc
dh_installchangelogs -pkdepim-doc
dh_installudev -pkdepim-doc
dh_install -pkdepim-doc --sourcedir=/home/alessice/src/kolab/kdepim-3.5.7enterprise20071101/debian/tmp/
dh_install: kdepim-doc missing files 
(/usr/share/doc/kde/HTML/en/kdepim-apidocs/*), aborting
make: *** [binary-install/kdepim-doc] Error 1
alessice at pc1-linux:~/src/kolab/kdepim-3.5.7enterprise20071101$  

Can you help me?

Are you interested in testing this new version of kdepim?

Alessio Cecchi is:
@ ILS ->
Assistenza Sistemi GNU/Linux ->
@ PLUG -> Presidente,

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