Enhancing KDEs appliactions startup speed

Yves Glodt yg at mind.lu
Sun Mar 4 12:09:26 GMT 2007

Is this build-flag used to build Kubuntu?


From the Announcement:
"since about a week, the GNU binutils have gained support for reducing 
intra-shared lib relocation overhead. Via a special flag, you can ask 
the linker to resolve relocations any uninteresting or only a certain 
set of symbols always internally. This is a significant gain for C++, 
where you normally don't make use of LD_PRELOAD's that overwrite C++ 
mangled symbols. 
I've tested this against libqt3-3.3.6, and it reduces the symbol 
relocations by about 60%, reducing library footprint by about 8% and 
improving relocation startup time by far more than 50%. 
On a fully internally linked KDE 3.x system, I measured a relocation 
speedup of something between 20-40%. I've not done login time 
benchmarking. "

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