Needed Utilities

Andrew Ash ash211 at
Sat Mar 3 14:06:29 GMT 2007

> Hello,
> My name is Lucas Clemente. I'm using kubuntu Edgy at all my three systems
> and I think it's realy great. That's why I would like to help in the
> community. On your wiki page (
> there's written you still search some programers for little utilities. As I
> know various langiages and have experience in programming, I would probably
> like to help you there.
> Could anybody send me some information of these "utilities" and perhaps a
> list of needed programs?
> Thank you!
> Lucas Clemente

I don't think there's a list anywhere specific.  If there is, someone
please correct me.

But if you're just looking for something to hack on, I wouldn't mind
seeing the Sound Mixer applet have an improved tooltip popup, in the
same style as the clock and the icons in the taskbar.  Now, it just
says what channel it's displaying, and not the actual volume level.

It's just an idea of somewhere to start, but it's somewhere.  You'd
most likely be better off asking the real devs on IRC in

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