Help us out - port a small feature from apt-get to Adept (C++)

Martin Böhm martin.bohm at
Mon Jun 18 23:30:49 BST 2007

Hello to all the friends of Kubuntu development!

If you wondered lately how to help with the development of Kubuntu
(and you know a bit C++), here is a mail/suggestion for you.

To quote myself from the bug report :

' I have created a small Python tool called "Adept Resolver" that
detects and fixes this problem (Adept can't fix the database whenever
dpkg is interrupted during package maintenance). It has a simple KDE
GUI as well.

However, in order to make Adept compatible with this tool, we need to
make Adept realize that "dpkg --configure -a" is required. The
"apt-get" application is able to do that, therefore we just need a
helping hand that could port this "realize we need a dpkg --configure"
feature from apt-get to C++ Adept. Is there anyone who would like to
step up? '

So, if you have some free time now (a lot of people are having summer
holidays now) feel free to help us with this tiny feature. It won't be
very complicated and there will always be someone around (on IRC, for
example) to guide you.

Thank You!

Martin "mhb" Böhm

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