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Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Tue Jun 19 09:55:39 BST 2007

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Hey all,

Recently, we've had another package upgrade duplication, due to bad
communication.   Obviously, this is less than desirable.

This has brought up some interesting issues:

1)  Do we want to run kubuntu as a project where everyone has a set of
packages that they modify, which no one else can touch, NMU and debian
style?  What happens if the maintainer appears to go inactive, in this case?

2)  If we don't want to do this, and want to be able to collaborate, so
that everyone can touch everything, how are we going to make sure that
people don't duplicate work?

Is it reasonable to have guidelines such as:
a)  If it's allowed to be committed now, upload it
b)  If it is being worked on, but wont be committed within the next day
or so, and you think someone else might have an interest in working on
it, please send an email to this mailing list saying as much, and/or
mention it on irc?

3) Do we again want to look at using Bzr to host the source packages?
Or even the debian directories of the source packages, for everything in
KDE?  Particularly the things in main, which only a few people can
upload to.

Your thoughts?

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