Launchpad unavailable 2007-02-28 05:30 - 08:30 UTC

Matthew Revell matthew.revell at
Tue Feb 27 12:51:05 GMT 2007


We're going to start the process of enabling translations for Feisty,
the next version of Ubuntu. This requires some database changes and so
we need to take Launchpad offline, between 05:30 and 08:30 UTC on
Wednesday 28 February.

While Launchpad is offline, we're also going to take the opportunity to
make some efficiency improvements, which should lead to fewer timeouts.

We're sorry that Launchpad will be offline for a few hours but we're
sure you'll be pleased with the performance improvements.

If you have any questions or comments, please join us in #launchpad on


Matthew Revell - talk to me about Launchpad
mrevell in #launchpad,

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