KDE4 / QT4 plans

john levin john at technolalia.org
Sun Feb 18 00:24:19 GMT 2007


I have googled heavily about this, but would like to ask about plans for 
KDE4 and QT4 alphas/betas in Kubuntu.

Although I know that there isn't a timescale for KDE4 as yet, there are 
alpha packages available - one for kubuntu dating from circa Sept, and 
more recent ones for mac OS X * - and I would like to know, even if it 
isn't in any shape to be shipped officially with Feisty, Feisty+1 or 
even Feisty+2, whether there are plans for testing betas for kubuntu.


John Levin

* I believe that at the moment, OS X has the best pre-compiled packages 
of any platform.

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