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joseph lockhart jwl_andlovesaidno at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 23 16:51:46 GMT 2007

>> Users currently running Kubuntu 6.06 will be able
>>to upgrade through
>> the usual path to Kubuntu 8.04, keeping to the KDE
>>3.5 release
>> series,
>> and will receive the usual 18 months of support for
>>that release.
>"The ususal path". Hmmm. What exactly is the upgrade
>path from 6.06?
>If 8.04 had been LTS then I would have expected
>support for a direct
> upgrade
>which does not need each successive non-LTS upgrade.
>If there is no
> direct
>upgrade option then we may opt for the
>backup+reinstall approach, which
> is
>something we need to start planning soon.

a thought would be to change how repositories are
tagged, so that we would have a STABLE, UNSTABLE,
TESTING, and LTS in addition to the GIBBON, HARDY, etc
of releases, that way those who want LTS install once
and setting repositories to LTS don't have to worry
(other than other update woes), those running STABLE
will be running STABLE regardless of which release it
is (gibbon now, hardy later).

anyway my $0.02


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