Problems w/ KDE4

Jonathan Jesse jjesse at
Mon Dec 24 22:56:15 GMT 2007

Good evening,

I have been running the RC2 packages of KDE4 following the instructions posted 
on and am running into several problems.  Currently 
KNetworkManager is not starting up or at least showing in the system tray to 
allow me to connect ot various wireless networks (need to launch it 
manually), I cannot suspend or hibernate, and also cannot run any problems 
from the Application Launcher that requires sudo permissions.

Anyone else having these types of problems?  If the answer is to compile from 
svn do I still have follow all the steps of compiling cmake, qt and the rest 
for updates or are there different/simpler steps?  Also compiling from source 
do how do I need to set things up to run as my primary user.

Thanks for all the future help, tyring to learn as much as I can over the 
holiday break


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