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Corey Cohen coreymon77 at
Sat Aug 18 21:58:13 BST 2007

Hello Kubuntu Council,
my wikipage is here: you will find much
more about me there.
Support emails are at the bottom.

I am a long time linux user, my first linux experience being booting from a
boot disk into RedHat8. Since then i have  tried many different distros
including lycoris, xandros, mandrake, meppis, suse and ubuntu. Ubuntu
appealed to me, but preferring KDE to Gnome, i waiting until Kubuntu was
released. I first began with Kubuntu with the Hoary release and have been
with it ever since. I frequent the #kubuntu, #ubuntu-il and #ubuntu-ca irc
channels helping in whatever i can, however i often excel with wireless
problems. I have also done hebrew and english-ca translations on launchpad
for kubuntu programs. I love Kubuntu and I think its the best distro.
Kubuntu does the perfect job at being user friendly enough so that a new
user to linux can use it and understand it easily, while not being in your
face, and complex enough that experienced users love it too. I also love the
choice of method of doing things that Kubuntu provides. For everything there
is at least one graphical method for people who prefer doing things
graphically and many command line methods for more experienced users who
prefer doing things the old fashioned way. I want to give back to the distro
that i have known and loved for so long and i want to do that first by
becoming a member. This is why i love Kubuntu. I can be contacted through
this email, coreymon77 at or on irc on the freenode network by the
nickname coreymon77. Thank you very much


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