Klamav Updates

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at kitterman.com
Fri Aug 10 15:03:52 BST 2007

At the last Kubuntu meeting we discussed (at my request) whether or not Klamav 
should be patched to disable the Clamav auto-update feature.

At the meeting, I argued against the patch.  One basis of my argument was 
that'd I'd tested the upgrade paths with the clamav in the packaging system 
when one instlled by Klamav was present and it did no harm.  In my 
estimation, that was a key factor in the rough consensus around the idea that 
we should allow Klamav to update Clamav.

It turns out I was wrong.  In further testing as I've worked with packaging 
Klamav 0.41.1, I've found that a newer clamav installed via the packaging 
system will look in /usr/local, find, and use libraries it finds there.  I 
know for certain this is true for Freshclam and cannot exclude it for the 
other clamav packages.

So, I think that changes things and unless someone objects, I'm going to 
upload Klamav with Clamav updates patched out as it is currently in Gutsy.  I 
do intend to break the current patch that disables Klamav and Clamav updates 
into two patches so that if the Clamav behavior changes at a later date, 
it'll be trivial to re-enable Clamav updates (just remove the patch).

Scott K

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