Some problems with KDE lithuanian language packages on Dapper

Donatas G. dgvirtual at
Sun May 21 11:54:17 BST 2006

problems and questions:

1. Is language-pack-kde-lt-base package meant to contain koffice translations? 
If so, why is there a koffice-i18n-lt package?

2. koffice-i18n-lt package description says "This package contains the 
_Italian_ translations for all applications in the KDE Office Suite." - 
should be _Lithuanian_

3. language-pack-kde-lt-base includes a file, which must be 
corrupt, since the programs (kbabel, konqueror, kwrite - though I did not 
check all) do not draw Lithuanian strings from it. I compiled an upstream 
kdelibs.po into, replaced with it the kubuntu package fie, and it 
all started to work.

These seem to be pretty easy to fix, but maybe I still need to file a bug 
report for No. 3 and 2?

Donatas Glodenis

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