Volume controls on Dell Lattitude D810

Didier Raboud didier at raboud.com
Tue May 2 23:27:37 BST 2006

Le Monday 1 Mai 2006 04:54, Jonathan Jesse a écrit :
> Funny I've neverr really thought about this, but I just noticed that when I
> have speakers or headphones conntect to the headphone jack, the volume
> controls that come with the laptop, both the Fn keys and the ones on the
> keyboard do not change the volume or mute it.
> Anyone else notice this?
> Jonathan

I'm on Dell Latitude D800.

In fact, my hotkeys do NOT work for changing volume (bug to report...), but as 
far as I remember, with every distro I tried (Fedora, ...), Master volume 
control does NOT control HeadPhones volume. I think this is material 
restriction, huh ?


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