Announcement letter of Network Manager 0.6 and KNetworkManager availability

Mario Đanić mario.danic at
Mon Mar 20 00:22:04 GMT 2006

Dear users, developers, contributors, and everyone else,

I would like to express my personal gratitude to everyone who helped
this happen. In the last couple of days we were working hard to bring
you the most recent packages on n-m 0.6 with WPA and 802.1x support,
along with KNetworkManager for Kubuntu.

We are glad to have such a great community, and we are glad to
to say that we have those packages ready for you.

Altought we have tested those packages, and we believe they do work,
we were unable to test all usage cases, specific hardware and such, and
therefore we need your help.

You can direct to us all of your criticsm, issues, compliments.

It'll help us go on, and make the packages work perfect for everyone. ^_^

For instructions on how to get Network Manager 0.6 and/or KNetworkManager
please visit, according to your needs:    --- Network-Manager 0.6  --- KNetworkManager

Credits for the work:

Maintainers of Dapper Network Manager 0.6:
Johan Kiviniemi, Mario Danic

Contributions to Dapper Network Manager 0.6:
Adam Conrad for building l-r-m packages

Maintainers of Dapper KNetworkManager:
Luka Renko, Anthony Mercatante

Other contributions:

libnl, a dependency of n-m 0.6 (by Tom Parker)

libnl-dev (patched by joined forces of Dapper n-m maintainers, and Kn-m

wpasupplicant 0.4 with the required feature for n-m backported from 0.5 (by
Reinhard Tartler)

NOTE: This is for Dapper, so use this only on Dapper  ^_^

In behalf of everyone who worked hard to get you this in time,

Kind regards and happy testing,

Mario Danic

NOTE: New kernel builds are on the way, and once that happens our L-R-M
package will be overwritten. Once the new kernel builds are out, we will
work hard to rebuild the package, so
that it works for new kernel build as well. When that happen, you can just
upgrade the system.

NOTE 2: We are workin' on 64bit and PPC packages, so stay tuned.
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