Proposal for resolving powernowd/apmd vs. (k)powersave conflict

Michael Biebl biebl at
Mon Mar 13 22:51:56 GMT 2006

Luka Renko wrote:

>>>>>   * Build against libcpufreq0 which uses libsysfs2. Closes: #354738
>>>> libcpufreq has to be recompiled to pick up the now location of the
>>>> libtool la file of libsysfs. This is a problem of cpufrequtils and it's
>>>> probably best to file a bug report or request a binNMU for cpufrequtils.
>>>> It's not a problem of powersave.
>>> I am now following you on this - which package is supposed to install
>>> /lib/ libsysfs-dev?
>> Yes, but it has moved to /usr/lib/ That's why cpufrequtils
>> chould be rebuilt to pick up this new location.
> But I do not have cpufrequtils installed. Should powersaved depend on
> it (at least build)?

Of course it should (and it does, look into debian/control, there is a
build dependency on libcpufreq-dev).
The problem is the following:
Previous versions of libsysfs installed the into
When libcpufreq0 was compiled, libtool recorded a dependency on
/lib/ in /usr/lib/
Later the maintainer of libsysfs decided to move the la file to
/usr/lib/, whereas /usr/lib/ still thinks it is in /lib.
That's why libcpufreq0 (cpufrequtils) has to be rebuilt.
The best is, to file a bug report against cpufrequtils.


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