please test kde 3.5.1 on dapper

Jason Straight jason at
Tue Jan 31 17:22:33 GMT 2006

On Wednesday 25 January 2006 09:41, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Please test kde 3.5.1 on dapper so I can make a recommendation on
> whether it should be included in dapper.
> deb ./
> Unsupported non-final packages.
> Jonathan

Well as for crashing kicker, I don't get it every time, but once in a while, 
makes it fun to track.

The klaptop thing also once in a while, yet if I quit it and restart it then 
it's located in the taskbar just fine.

Other than that the only issue I have is printing under kde but that's not 
really a bug with kde.

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