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Fri Jan 27 17:24:24 GMT 2006

On Sun Jan 22 20:37:03 2006 Sebastian Kügler wrote:
> On Wednesday 18 January 2006 21:29, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> > Has anyone had experiences with kpowersave?  It seems better
> > maintained than the klaptopdaemon we use at the moment but I'm looking
> > for experiences of whether it's more reliable or not.

Sound good for us as KPowersave/powersave developers. KPowersave is since 
years the default powermanagement fontend/solution under KDE on SUSE. We 
would be happy if KPowersave could also replace klaptop on an other 
distribution. ;-)

> klaptopdaemon is quite horrible code-wise, so it's good to consider
> removing it.

Jupp ... ;-)

> I've installed kpowersave today, and it seems quite nice. I'm using
> suspend2 [S2], however, together with the hibernate script, and I needed a
> quite hackish solution to be able to hibernate from kpowersaved. That bit
> is easier with klaptopdaemon.

We plan to add suspend2 support to the powersave daemon for future releases.

> Also, it seems to have been written for SuSE, one of the warning dialogues
> I ran across mentions /etc/sysconfig/... which we of course don't have.

Yes, it was written for SUSE (But it's also available for ALT Linux, Debian, 
K/Ubuntu, Fedora and IMO somewhere for Gentoo). We work permanently on 
porting K/Powersave to other dists. Help would be really appreciated [1].

IMO the path for the powersave config files is configurable now with a 
configures switch, so you don't need to use /etc/sysconfig/ .

> Other than that, kpowersaved looks great, and I'd like to see it in Kubuntu
> Dapper. I think with some minor changes, it would be a nice replacement for
> klaptopdaemon, which is pretty much unmaintained.

If you have any patches send them to the powersave-devel mailinglist and we 
integrate them to the source for the next release.

If you need any help to get KPowersave and powersave running on Kubuntu feel 
free to contact [1] or me directly.


Danny Kukawka

[1] powersave-devel at
Danny Kukawka
danny.kukawka at

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