kpowersave and backup applications

Jean-Remy Falleri jr.falleri at
Wed Jan 18 22:00:54 GMT 2006

I am write now writing a backup application: Keep, and I really want
to have it integrated into Dapper, so I am planning to release a
_stable_ version before the source freeze.

I developed it following the Ubuntu principe ("just work") and it is
currently near the usable state.

I encourage you to test it and give feedback in order to have it as
simple and efficient as possible.

Here is the homepage of the application:
Here is the page on kde apps:

It uses rdiff-backup (python script) as backend, which is based on
rsync, which garantuee a space efficient backup process.

I think that for current use, it may be better than KDar, which is
more complex and heavy.

Contact me for further details if you are interested.

2006/1/18, Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at>:
> Has anyone had experiences with kpowersave?  It seems better
> maintained than the klaptopdaemon we use at the moment but I'm looking
> for experiences of whether it's more reliable or not.
> Also has anyone found a good alternative to konserve?  Kdar possibly?
> Or do we even need a backup application?
> Jonathan
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