Automounting devices different in ubuntu/kubuntu badger?

Jussi Kekkonen tm_travolta at
Wed Jan 18 14:21:29 GMT 2006


On Tuesday, 17. Januaryta 2006 00:21, Joao Pedro Clemente wrote:
> Oopsie.... I just found out (the stupid way?) that after all my pen gets
> mounted under KDE also... I'm not sure why this hasn't happened yesterday,
> as I haven't updated any package since then..
> Sorry for the entropy in the mailing list! :-|
> Just for the record, there is no 'ivman' process running in this machine.
> Thanks for the replyes!

AFAIK KDE 3.5 has its own (auto)mounting tool/system you can easily configure 
via kcontrol -> peripherals -> storage media

ivman is(?) removed from kubuntu because of this overlapping of functions, and 
this is good thing imho. I hate how ivman just mounted without asking 
anything from user, WE have linux, right? Where user decides all, right? 
Freedom and all? ;) Ok, ivman is good as long as it works the way you like, 
and it does the job ok... hope this mumbling helps, have a good time with 

Jussi Kekkonen   tm_travolta at
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