Automounting devices different in ubuntu/kubuntu badger?

Joao Pedro Clemente jpcl at
Mon Jan 16 14:00:25 GMT 2006

I faced a strange behaviour diference in kubuntu badger vs ubuntu badger:

With a fully updated kubuntu badger, I was inserting an usb pen and I
would see no automount being made. I then installed ubuntu-desktop
package, switched to gnome, and strangely gnome would show me a mounted
device when I inserted the same pen!

Shouldn't this "detect device hotplug and automount" be something done at
"kernel/system" level? I was amazed to see a diference by simply switching
from kde to gnome!

I was hoping that, even if no X was running, hotplug/udev would detect and
mount the device. So I was unable to explain myself this difference...

Anyone faced this?

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