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javier javiermon at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 06:42:29 GMT 2006

El Jueves, 9 de Febrero de 2006 02:22, Hok Kakada escribió:
> javier wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Suse 10 & 10.1 ship with a search bar in the main kde menu. I believe this
> > is a custom patch they have made to the menu since I haven't seen it in
> > any other distro. Is there any posibility to add it to kubuntu dapper? An
> > add-on or something like that?
> >
> >Here's a shot of the search bar:
> >http://shots.osdir.com/slideshows/565/26.gif
> Just a question, does this search bar shiped by SuSE10 ( SuSE 10.1) or
> by KDE 3.5 ?
> I am now using SuSE10 and KDE3.5 with some Khmer interface. As I
> remember SuSE10 just ship KDE3.4, but I failed to recognize the search bar.
> It's usefull to have this feature, because I personally, cannot find the
> specific program I want.
> Thanks,
> da


AFAIK It's a custom SUSE patch. I've only seen it in SUSE. I was wondering why 
it didn't get upstream (i.e. KDE 3.5) or if it was possible to add it 
somehow. I also find it quite usefull. It's a handy feature I wouldn't mind 
having at all. :)

Any ideas anyone?


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