[kubuntu-devel] Kubuntu default look

Flavio Tordini flavio.tordini at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 10:33:50 GMT 2006

Hi Frank,
No I didn't mean anything else. It's funny that I feel exactly the opposite, 
what is bad to you is good to me and vice versa.
I discovered this hinting thing, when I extracted Lucida Grande (the default 
gui font) from my iBook and installed it on Kubuntu, with hinting enabled I 
could not even recognize it was the same font, without hinting it looked the 
same as on OSX and even better.
OSX uses unhinted fonts, don't know about Vista but the font in the 
screenshots looks very smooth. IMHO as the screen resolution increases, the 
time of pixelated (one may say "crisp") fonts is coming to an end.
Without hinting almost any font you can get looks good, while with hinting 
enabled practically only Bistream Vera has acceptable results, any other font 
looks crap.


On Thursday 02 February 2006 18:32, Frank Siegert wrote:
> Hi Flavio,
> ,---- Flavio Tordini wrote:
> | > > 2. Use DejaVu Sans Condensed instead of DejaVu Sans. The Condensed
> | > > version is smoother. The "sans" alias should be resolved to the
> | > > chosen font and not to Bitstream Vera.
> | >
> | > Looks terrible on my LCD.
> |
> | I had a better idea: disable hinting. Edit ~/.fonts.conf and set hinting
> | to false and hintstyle to hintnone. Also make sure hinting is disabled in
> | the kcontrol font settings. The effect is much smoother antialiased
> | fonts, much like OSX. I think hinting is good only for non antialiased
> | fonts. http://purl.org/net/flavio/download/kubuntu-proposal/hinting.png
> `----
> I would like to understand your proposal to improve font appearance, but I
> cannot confirm your findings on my 1024x768 notebook LCD.
> If I turn hinting off[0], it looks quite bad[1].
>   0: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/fontsconf-hinting-none.txt
>   1: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/hinting_none.png
> If I turn hinting on[2], it looks quite good[3].
>   2: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/fontsconf-hinting-middle.txt
>   3: http://hugelmopf.hu.ohost.de/paste/hinting_middle.png
> Did you mean anything else?

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